Hasidic Judaism

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Hasic · ~

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Ba l . 1e:1tt ‘T Jt’

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Introduc ion

Kf re d’lM l MC lrnnd (f fi fY YCl”I . r1I – .,ft1J)fl1 of ri)e, pu :1nvc
i.-~:-,. chc-Ra~~, Shmt Tov . hA l’tNl

• nd, 1 ctd, chc I i~ 0ry of rel &fO’ll- f.1:1-
impact jn both tbe $ rilu:’11 a d < ial rta lms. 11 Ha~c:n~,n t u: 111)~ l ical (1 ,o~ Ln·a, 1t p art u{ onyd:sy tl10 io 111 K11 b 1111 h w,u u rnc Hlffl ;a tnal r.>r in t•n:. i ri;: ct1m m in n file mdi cr
cl o l t cnrourogil~ i :lciori. t”lp s Wll; ace 01t tb” need ro rf’.
I t tt to God tbrou ju ‘, i11~1cad u( bt Lus ro’Aih af t b “d ie “”rmlp., in ura d
:m Nk,1, ntl f .uropc .

So da Jly , tb c Ha3id11111 dc V< ·c d to tkeu chansrutic lenders ,zuddJkim or,1bb1".sJ, foun.:. l'l tr4!.tn~M r;rp,tn.ir~ tion 1u ,t1~f 1 tlyb -daecf m.1ny Qt rh e ~ p, b ~lWctctn rhe cl e nnd t M r$n k 11n d le. Til ey fo'1116d d i • rt ; . I yt r fll ri f y vol tnrtl .• °"" n-.un 1 • ei. \, etc rh i ce, o c r«tn of tlt'llbt. >. -,oul> a.) o ,., Ctn, b1′”‘i of so~ al jta< a.nd t co,w ,~,c welfa r e woe ,u ,·e:niral to t he ,zuddJk'5 cow.:un n, wcre pr.t }1Cr .&r.d rit · u:aJ ob.sen·~nce.. •~ n 11; OWTI tin-~~ the mat1J..I nnd relif?l')11$ te.t dii ne~ a ~ l za.-d ,~ 11 aud d Ha I ylt of w OG 1ip 1b 1b si ·us .u,d ,f.:l .mg nf:. > ~o $’nme d~e., rllc :tool ,. nd f)tim -c of II ut.a n
en Jewish religion i1mi Ge rt o1n in.:1u.enct’ on « ruin ooa ·Je – h d r&-1. G,
well. Mot t”C>vcr, ,~ l id io ·s c boa or.id 11..r ,runmtd u. f~mt
at p t .t}’ du: dt·
..-ellop10K1t o( mad!m Juchi sro, tbt Bu;,t (r:ir ooaut:011 E tebw.t · 11croo ·m
r>f h:.’:,1 Sl1cll ~, c p ycd l twd l,u.w: lf) !i c u~ kc:t.11 11 t ~r ~1 .
1 rr, l’< ... ,.,~i ,..,, II J)I ti:~ II 111r, f~ r , u • th t !I ) "' t IHI~ I e Ba hr. is somthow to u.·uk.m nd fu.Jid:sm., .md 'l'i:1 it 111.'J, « moekm cwis h t~ •ic,11 ,d t'J1~uc 1 t W, ltu a,·t lK t< the p,i.Umu o{ hlc ,u srecd rupar..siblt few~~ mw,cn:ie111~s eo ~ · and ,ns.mu.,10,u,. ns ll n 11du.mbr .atioa of wh.1t wi1s to utlfold , or ..s il scartd.ard for mt11s...1r i g 1 c b ier moverrum,-:'$ b~.11: of faith wi:b its foun der's nqhle in:cn rh:.n 1 Bc,"God his«>r.;iim io n 10 Ha •idisni1 th ll ,h1 ·, pc~ ·,-.d as~ o
cl urtl:*t Ji&41ilations ut !Ji.t. A:s 1b0 ut t-itr and s.t i -s spoM!r. Lr llim,
• 11:ld. ng ” c1:1 .ed e1con r r h1~ I re. F,A urly Chm u an .. 1 • rh1s am
r· lauo11 ·~ ti . C >rdi, lus HawJ,w ,, f 1~ b vf,,, lI,..JJ~,h ( I l”t~&.>< uf 1 1c ~·:,J I t , Tov;.~ u i"i cnl 1enil m.1tNi1I. s.:boloB n-:m 4er,end nu rt l)' on dteir al 1li ~y ' " 1 1e, p r. d cnmpt II n. rhc It '" not n, nf wt, I ,tah , 1.-,1u.: 1t h:iscd~ .le !?est, ao mcm 11es mott rltan .1 t!l'lttJ:1on old ; thc.;e t !"011)11c~ m. Ii~ c ttn filter~:d thro ugh 1~ ny-P"''I hefcir• be,ng t •t0 ,l 11Jtd; the C II e , S M ' . I (I tc, "i I , e.tt1Q 1 I !tilt I I t' I tile, the 1n l 1mit1:r cx1 Ii 11 vb ,icf
c:onstruc~td dtsc ption of t t 6t :,t, ~,1~,,j t h· u i ,, 1•1: rttJ •tr 111 r”r·
c,1.:cs~ impliuunO!li, .tn.d ~~~ coc:ij e:tu..'”‘l!s. C o1m mudi Ins cwntuct.1bk
withcb ·slrnt , p , ., 1i119 , , :’It Jin, ~ffr r mt
ch peers. lt is ofttrtd both J , f f• · , I i.1 , 1 ,i • 11~ 1<1 , • 1.1111.,,:-., rinC.,.J)rioo th.t_~ CllO stirnuu1e OlY.E'S io tnrir rt'St. .Ct. My ·nphtMt ~ ,,ir ff" ltmlred n M'.~pc thlln t on • rca.11 els.c when!. Ir s, t-.G~'” 11 l·~ 1~ 1. •~ lit 1 1, ~a, b.-
dct~rrruned, wer~ J.Ct ly coortceil.’d to the lh·sht, either 1 · d.Jt1 <1t 11, t u f>t •le~ rip111nn.s of his ch11vior h· ~oplc who wcu nus o
i :, tlv lt 1 ~ W, 1 h rl,t source mntena l ava1 h ie . r tl-.ie ptescn~ time. 1

:n·,ossible w w ritt’ l’U( ‘C) I u· , ,, r, 11-. ; 1 .. II .,,q,.. 0 I t. 1’1 ~.
·. ie1.e, n:1·.1 SMm To .,,. ThOSI! o b ,>t donf su a’t a I ‘< tbc" 1 1 - i, I I I <) rn "'I r.l a(i thhtH ,~n: h .. Tn oncm ruct d·A scorr of cite B fs litt. dtc firs-. st

pli.!’C him ill che C’Om..-n1U1ity’s
1.1’ll~rllflf 1 II Of Ill lift It I) 11 I I I )fup, ,

Context unp1.rt:s munirtB tD cku.ils. A 1~ 1u~t” se«n in ool.iction C’ilr–
~ – ~ ,;mji 1111-., 1h ff:’f’e fn man~ s o•, , n< ~ ,1 !1' A f ~ . 1, r11il . 11~ bimwr. uw re un,c lo tit · 'I ,ti1 , "Whrr oft c:n i, w v _ ct a 1t:- 001cnc;i n . b , dct cc>nt . ,, to t tt it 1 , • nuny oehie1 pl u:m !ffltn:’i

as porn le. Jl.y clJnf IIJ; 10..-c alloJ>CCh uf the l-Ocicxt uJ ti«! B he’s fe,
.,. •• MC • hie t o nr~111 et the older ~1.ar: ~ w r~ i, clhg.cndy. !’ff art
no, c (.KC1 ll) , 111 a, l-. , ‘°’ · 111cn , 1 ( , c:v Jw1c, 11, It , t~s,t, t~
r· nt t~ prot» ltt from 1~1• nt:.-slrc. In 5a fot ses, ttildit x uu l stocus ;lnd
p:1rt1u11 (1(‘ 11 Cllt, e d1nl… d, conf , med) e>r s.u lcmentt.d. De
1,nl, . fomwrly d1• 111 ,~J 1 11 • t . k 01 11,r rt ,u , A~”””•• :11 -r-w 1-
demcod ir. i’I lll”W ,.ht. Ghronr;..kJ”, ma be .1p-proxirnztt 1 ~ will
he myu es . nh ‘(‘d, mb!n 11ostd. 1

‘l I · v ,~r- 1tt;oir.l :1 ,11 ., 1 ,1 I, t , , 1vt ti rr to i&1 I ) 1
limked . t can b: ~d ,o w ric- m~ iofor1C.Jdon o-Jt of the .sources, b 1t
ir ~ o , er~ 1e new tto ~ • ~vcr ,w.-igc af 11–t ri,,lir cn-m-r~ fr<>m
this •study will bt- ;,mi o n ~btivt’h· ckftndt!d but not pro.vtm be-)-artd
n ttA$f’ln.1h lt 1k,u~r~

‘l kc .1.hccr. !in s to sa not ing–n p;uh .. u:irnrttftd to il~ rt criticism ,
.1t il t pr ice. To to’~ up tbe,~r..rlv of d~ llclht bcc.111sca ! its l)Mbltm

:itic r. t Jrc t:S to nc&fen .sources widt some ob·,ious hlltC!rio..l Y.a ue, ~o
11h. n&:,” 11 I t} leu t rf – I, , :1hl:-l.1 l· ,: ., 11 1fJl Jl:t t ~, :’I 11′ – . ,. fl.
c le ti 6dd 11 C ,. u pupJ lac en m i&ol~m whose&” I SI· m
T ovs wil l be QUd dtS$ conn cctitd 10 re.1licy.

Our 1.l du: im 1′ rn.: .a- , r l : :aih 12’ 1,:1 nunlr rn Iii • l urr ‘”‘ I l ilr.;;,l~r “‘1
ihe ~ s lih .c thc-l,e,:ood World W • , :s eu’1ph1>0 i4 th: 11111111 -0( 111
~p·11n1 ,,nd J ‘l rf-c Nr,111 •, II C C,fh (I I , tlto ll f’jl f
Ht: c.1•1: ,~:ii ho ,ubjm s. it 1s dc.1

e no con::i:iuous narrurive and the ref.,.

tu mod est •.
‘ y f11,11f.”lmcru,1l .u umcnt widi most pcC”‘ious wtinn is th.at th(.’y

t-1. r 10 1 cnr,. 1c «’I smiroes. 4 c1tt
t.. ,’t the Jc.i Ii , 1 tmd <.I· t; 111ti'tw11 •• 11m 1: 111f 1n1'i t 11 ~,t !ln:f a rc t e tn°"1 siz..-cp:ib ll' o i.drolo .. ic: 111J< r ct:!lit;-., I c•'1 - , I tq t' M< , 1 M -a: , I ~Y'" d~mpbuii«I t :ir st0l'i'51Jbau r thl' Oest-. ,, u ir.- the p ri· 11, r t ly a up _mcnt 10 irJo rn: ~,on. .iined in 01bet" ~.1ys. I h ,~ ber n c,·c: , ., t>t.;'” , · ” ” 1:c n 11,Jwns the sQy1~.

• t “”‘ m d: Jttt · , . 1 11 ;1~pt l’, t– , r,rr t 1 ·d mt f, ~ < n- r, I t t t & in mnrc t ha n a cncr-11 f.nh.ioo i'o the intr. lrctual bio-rap i)' o! dt.e s-. 'al ~l-.-r,, ' I l) (..)11,t, "• wit" llfCAtc, nn eonc-.c ,n rhe st 11n.d re .)'ingi::; .md - the- ~i Ii,:,, (I mt tr J c I "t~ I ,,.11 lt' u · ttl y. I. , 11 tltt t 1 nd c ntiouc :1~ pc-cscru, ro ~ pix .ate the 1lc.stu·~ T or h. w w.17.*' My (oc u ,, U•l 1ht iv-~ 1· , )1-1 fl ,fe . el c, cl1.1"'11 rhcol t.Y· l d oanc dcny thJr. mJc oru uu_c ·o;ioEth.c lk:sH.,I fo nd;ic ,·ill' , 111.l- :, ,, " • QQ1 1:1 11~ 1 t<.11t 11 1 ( y w pr,t.cn civcd n m1 1n£ o ,Pt t"Ul ct i , ,,. :i ~~n ; l1, 11 tl 1t· 11:tl u rt H I 11 • , I fll 'I l,li 1() (() t it ,~. 11- KY w it" like r i r t f h- ,, :11 11 , ,. i. t,:11 111 on u(;; er . wli,, I 11:1~~ .,.~ I· t-n to my own • gr-:iphy , nd I~ t~, .-,,( ., co 1w·nit 1<.-1 ,,h, nv .ant i w1f t I () I• • t 1 h.ave sub

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