Descriptive Essay Examples – 8 Examples To Help You Write Better

Descriptive essays are very commonly assigned essays. This type of essay enhances students’ writing skills and allows them to think critically.

A descriptive essay is often referred to as the parent essay type. Other essays like argumentative essays, narrative essays, and expository essays fall into descriptive essays. Also, this essay helps the student enhance their ability to imagine the whole scene in mind by appealing senses.

It is assigned to high school students and all other students at different academic levels. Students make use of the human senses like touch, smell, etc., to make the descriptive essay more engaging for the readers.

Descriptive Essay Examples

Examples make it easy for readers to understand things in a better way. Also, in a descriptive essay, different types of descriptions can be discussed. 

Here are some amazing examples of a descriptive essay to make the concept easier for you. 

Descriptive Essay Example 5 Paragraph

5 paragraphs essay writing format is the most common method of composing an essay. This format has 5 paragraphs in total. The sequence of the paragraphs is as follows;

  1. Introduction
  2. Body Paragraph 1
  3. Body Paragraph 2 
  4. Body Paragraph 3
  5. Conclusion 

Following is an example of a descriptive essay written using the famous 5 paragraph method. 


Descriptive Essay Example About A Person

Descriptive essays are the best option when it comes to describing and writing about a person.  A descriptive essay is written using the five human senses. It helps in creating a vivid image in the reader’s mind and understanding what the writer is trying to convey. 

Here is one of the best descriptive essay examples about a person. Read it thoroughly and try to understand how a good descriptive essay is written on someone’s personality.

Descriptive Essay Example About a Person

Shhh! Here Comes the Librarian

Over the years that I knew her, I gained an uncommon respect for the librarian at our high school. In one word she could be described as “eccentric”, but only because she refused to accept the stereotypical notion of what the term “librarian” had come to mean. The students thought she was just plain weird, but those who took the time to know her realized she was a person searching for a comfortable identity.


At first glance, she could indeed be a formidable figure to behold. Her hair was most often in disarray simply as a result of her compulsion to go everywhere in tenth speed. Not only was her gait a marvel, but her purpose was also a wonder. She always gave one the impression she had a mission, and, at that express moment, had been called forth to duty. When classes would commence, she would proudly stride off to her room, as if a group of novice missionaries awaited her divine intervention.


Her habit of dress, however, was not in the least missionary-like. In fact, the students used to kid her about getting a summer job as a highway flagman. The brighter the colors, the more she became entranced by their iridescence. As she flashed through the library, students became hushed as if a bolt of lightning had struck. In the morning, her emerald greens and hot pinks were eye-openers for the rest of us when she walked through the staff room door.


Characteristically, her first words were a singsongy “Good Morning!” whereupon everyone would look up waiting for the next outpouring. She had an unconscionable taste for polysyllabic words – the more syllables the better. She used them with such flair, they looked good on her; and we could only smile, nod and try to make a witty rejoinder. Too often, we would be unfamiliar with the words, so she would again march off to another venue with the assurance that she had stymied the lot of us.


Though she spoke precisely, as you might expect of one in her position, her voice was always at peak volume. A favorite response of the librarian’s aide was, “You shrieked, madame?” In fact, students could audit her classes in the hallways, or on a clear day, even in the lunchroom.


Similarly, her other ways did not resemble those of a librarian. She was easily flustered – not at all cool and composed like some of her predecessors. One particular day nearing the Christmas holiday, a very well-established physics teacher on staff kissed her full on the lips in front of almost all her colleagues. She went into a rage and made it clear that another such liberty would be inexcusable. Later that day, some mischievous students, who had gained access to the crawl space above the library, lowered a rubber chicken into her office,

suspended a rope decorated with mistletoe. By the end of the day, her patience was severely tried and so it was no surprise to any of us when she polkaed too exuberantly at the staff party and knocked over the Christmas tree. What would have been embarrassing for many others was often summarily dealt with by “The Happy Booker,” the pseudonym she was not unhappy to have bestowed upon her.


When our colorful librarian moved away to new lifestyle, chic hairdo and trendy clothes, we felt cheated when a very acceptable, but normal lady came to take her place. Who would wake us up every morning with the word for the day?

Whose voice would be ringing through the halls even after the last bell had rung? Would she realize she had taken a part of us away with her? Most importantly, would she realize the legacy she left behind?

Descriptive Essay Example About A Place

If you have visited a good holiday spot or any other place and want to let your friends know about it. A descriptive essay can help you explain every detail and moment you had at that place. 

Here is one of the good descriptive essay examples about a place. Use it as a sample and learn how you can write such an essay. 


Descriptive Essay Example About A Place

Everyone has some imaginary place where he or she hides from the real-world troubles and worries. Some go back to that place before they go to sleep just to dream about something pleasant and release their mind from stress. Others visit that place when they meditate – exercise their mind by consciously controlling feelings and emotions. I like meditating as well and find this practice extremely helpful for my emotional well-being. One of the exercises I typically perform is going to my imaginary place where I feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable and where I can get rid of negative emotions and obtrusive thoughts. I would like to describe this place to you in detail.

I have enjoyed nature since my childhood, so my imaginary place is the wildlife located far away from cities and people. It has everything I like – high mountains with snow peaks, green hills, meadows, and woods. It resembles the Yosemite national park, Swiss Alps, and English countryside at the same time. My imaginary place has much fresh air that is filled with rich smells of wood and flowers. It is always sunny there, so one does not need to wear jackets and hats. There is no one else except for me and wild animals and birds in this perfect place of peace and calm.

When I come to this place, I walk different paths. One day, I like climbing the hill to reach the cliff from which I can see the whole plane at my feet. The air in this place is especially fresh and cool, but it is not cold here since the sun always shines at me from the deep blue sky. I like this place because I can watch the clouds come and go, but they never bother me because they are small and puffy like cream. I like to imagine that these are my thoughts that I can control when I need to or simply watch them passing by when I want to let my mind be completely free. This place is good to visit when I feel stressed and need to escape negative emotions and thoughts that bother me.

Another place I like to visit is the riverbank with green grass, flowers, and large wide-branching trees where I can sit and watch the water flowing calmly. This place is for a long, relaxed meditation. Here, I can walk barefoot on the warm grass, lie in it and watch the sky above, or stroll along the river bank. Sometimes, I go to my favorite tree that grows on the meadow nearby. It has many leaves that shuffle when the mild wind touches them, and this sound is extremely relaxing. The tree has a large dark brown body with strong roots on which I love to seat. I like watching the shades on the grass and listen to the birds singing above my head. I am not alone in this place, as there is also a horse eating grass on the meadow. When I need to clear my head, I ride that horse fast. I love this experience because when I imagine myself to be an experienced rider, I feel confident and free.

Finally, there is a location in my imaginary place that I visit only on special occasions. I love feeling comfortable and warm, but sometimes, I need to step out of my comfort zone and try something challenging. So, I climb high to the mountains and slow peaks, leaving behind the calm and peace of sunny forests and meadows. This place is both spectacular and dangerous at


the same time. It has steep cliffs and sheer drops, so I should be focused and attentive. When I reach the snow peak, there is nothing except the blue sky, blinding sunlight, and snow. Being in such a place allows me to remember that challenges are an integral part of my life and that I should embrace them to develop personally and emotionally. To summarize, my imaginary place reflects the diversity of wildlife and my emotional experience. It is a place where a man can live in harmony with nature and where the setting can be an inseparable part of self.


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Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 6

Descriptive essays are frequently assigned to school students. This type of essay helps the students enhance their writing skills and helps them see things in a more analytical way.

If you are a 6 grader and looking for a good descriptive essay example, you are in the right place.  


Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 6

In my country teenagers do not have jobs because they have the job to study. Being the student an, an excellent student, is the most important role for teenagers. <Making money as a teenager is not important.> It’s important to make the parents proud and to compete for good universities and good jobs.

Families and parents think it is really important for children to study very hard, very long, no

breaks, so they get the top placements in the school. There are many people in my country so only some can but there are only few spaces at university. So, the students who are at top places in schools are the ones who go to university. Students who attend the best universities get the best jobs. It’s so important to get the best university then you can relax.

It’s so important to make your parents proud. Our country was at war in the 1950’s and our parents worked very very hard to get around over above it. The country had nothing. We are

like Japan; parents work very many hours and students must study hard. Working hard brings honor to the family. Top scores are very important so parents feel proud of their son’s hard work.

Our culture does not think teenagers should have to make money. Parents pay for the

teenager’s shelter, food, and clothing. Working would take time away from studying. Parents have the job to make money. Teenagers have the job to study very hard.

To concluding, teenagers should not work, they should do their very best in school and make a parent proud.

Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 7

Here is one of the best descriptive essay examples for grade 7. 


Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 7

Summer Escape

My family has always looked forward to leaving Florida during the torrid summer months. It is a tremendous relief to get out of the heated hustle and bustle of summer living in Florida. Each summer, we follow the yellow brick road to our hometown in upstate New York.

As we drive through state after state, it becomes apparent that the world around us is changing. In South Carolina, we already begin to notice changes. The trees appear to be touchable, offering soft, plush leaves which sway in the breeze, and the grass actually invites us to share its place rather than scaring us away with mounds of intruding fire ants. As each state brings new surroundings, our anticipation builds, and home seems closer all the time. Leaving the flatlands and entering an area where we are suddenly surrounded by hills of purple and blue are by far the most awakening moments.

Virginia and Pennsylvania offer brilliant scenery with majestic hills and checkerboard farmlands. As we descend through the curves and winds of the northern region of the United States, home is now very close: we are almost there. Suddenly, we have driven from wide-open flatlands to a narrow, winding road surrounded by hillsides of stone and trees.

Around every curve, orange and black tiger lilies claim their place in the world as they push themselves out toward the car, waving hello and flashing their mysterious black spots toward us as we drive by.

The journey home is almost complete. As we begin our final descent through the state of Pennsylvania into upstate New York, the surroundings become comfortably familiar. Before long, we are welcomed by a sign that reads “Waverly, 18 miles” and the familiar fields of grazing cattle. Through the last stretch of Pennsylvania, the bursting foliage seems to envelop us and carry us over the hills like a carriage created by nature.

It is at this point that our family, even the youngest member, knows that our vacation in New York is about to begin.

Our eldest son has joked for years that he can “smell” Grandma’s apple pie already. Approximately fifteen minutes pass and as our vehicle takes us over the final crest, we see the smoke stack from the local factory as we cross the border of Pennsylvania and New York and are aware of our surroundings. A couple of turns later, we are there. We have reached our destination; we are home.

Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 8

If you are looking for some amazing descriptive essay examples for grade 8, you have already found one. Look at the given example and see what a well-written descriptive essay looks like. 


Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 8

Descriptive Essay for Grade 8

Where the Danger Is The weather was cold and gray as usual at this time of year. The trees were all leafless, with fall now just a memory. Christmas was just a few weeks away, and all the kids were looking forward to staying home from school for a few weeks and to the “big payoff” on Christmas morning. Not having to go to school was good, but usually by the time vacation was over, going to school was a big relief. Back to the friends to compare “loot” from Christmas and, to reestablish those fragile ties that hold kids together. At school, students were praised for doing good work, not belittled for each and every mistake. No one there was fighting, and being too loud was against the rules. Right now, the world outside of home was safer and more structured, not chaotic, scary and loud. Even when bad things did happen, it was always far away and nothing to be too concerned about. With Dad often having too much to drink, and Mom just mad at everyone all the time, being home was not usually a very pleasant experience. Playing outside in the woods or at a friend’s house was the norm for three of us kids. We knew everyone that lived on our road, and except for the cranky old people who lived at the bottom of the hill, everyone was nice to us. In a small rural community, the only thing to be feared at that time of year was crashing on a sled or frost bite from staying out too long. Unless something like that happened, the only rule was to be home before dark. But that weekend morning was different. We were all home, and the day was starting off rather quietly. None of the kids were arguing, no dogs were barking, and Mom and Dad were actually talking, not shouting or sniping at each other. Dad was sitting at his spot at the dining room table, and Mom was in the kitchen starting breakfast. Usually sitting along the table with Dad at the head was like being at a tennis match, watching the action and listening to the arguments between him at the end and Mom over at the stove. When the telephone rang, Dad didn’t pick it up, even though he was sitting next to it. Mom walked over behind him and answered the call. “Hello?

Hi, Bobbie. What? What are you talking about? How did this happen? Oh, my God, I don’t believe it! When did they find her? Oh, poor Connie, how will she handle this?” Mom’s voice kept getting higher and higher in pitch, and the tears were starting to flow. This sort of

response was totally out of character for her. We all just sat there trying to figure out what sort of gossip our next-door neighbor would have that would cause such a reaction. Dad didn’t say anything, but somehow knew that whatever had happened was completely out of the ordinary. Events occur during each lifetime that forever alter the perception of the world being a safe place to play in. Feeling secure means being at home, no matter the atmosphere, with the door locked up tight. When Mom finally got herself under control, she said in a low voice, “Margaret was found murdered this morning over on Lauffer Mine Road.” Suddenly, our safe little community became a place of uncertainty and confusion where one of the neighbor’s children was a victim of a killer. The thought that a murderer might be on the loose in our area was one without precedent. The most serious crimes until this moment had been kids corning and soaping the windows on Halloween night. The idea of something like this happening to one of the neighborhood children was almost unbelievable. As the day wore on, this tragedy lost some of its shock value and became a part of our reality. Mom was on the phone quite a bit, talking in

hushed tones with the neighbors. The gossip mill was in full swing. Who did it? And why? Was it a stranger, or maybe someone we all knew? State police cars cruised up and down all day, looking everywhere, even around our house. All three of us stayed pretty close to home that day. No one was playing outside or calling us to come down the road to play. Dad was quite glad not to have to get on us too much to leave Mom alone, or stop fighting among ourselves and be quiet. For just a short period of time, we were where we desired to be. Going to bed that night and turning out all the lights was a terribly frightening experience, even for a big fourth-grader. Every noise outside could be the killer walking through our yard. Every time the dogs barked, we looked outside to see if anyone was there. What if the killer was up in the woods behind our house, or hiding in the garage? Being frightened of someone lurking outside was a new experience. Up until then, I never checked to see if the front door was a locked before we went to bed. But the events of that day brought home the reality that my chaotic home was as safe as Dad and Mom could make it. Home really was a haven, and real danger could be as close as the other side of that locked door

Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 10

Essay writing is an inevitable part of a student’s academic life. No matter your grade, you will get to write some sort of essay at least once. 

Here is an example of a descriptive essay writing for grade10. If you are also a student of this grade, this example might help you to complete your assignment.


Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 10

Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 12

If you are a senior student and looking for some essay examples, you are exactly where you should be. 

Use the below-mentioned example and learn how to write a good essay according to the instructions given to you. 


Descriptive Essay Example for Grade 12

Descriptive Essay Example College

Descriptive essays are a great way to teach students how they can become better writers. Writing a descriptive essay encourages them to see the world more analytically.

Below is an example that will help you and make your writing process easy.


College Descriptive Essay Example

Title: A Stroll Through Tranquil Campus


The college campus, bathed in the warm morning sunlight, exudes an inviting charm that beckons students and visitors alike. As I step foot onto the meticulously manicured grounds, a sense of tranquility

envelops me, allowing me to escape the hectic pace of everyday life. The campus, with its blend of architectural marvels and lush greenery, serves as an oasis for intellectual pursuit and personal growth. Join me on a descriptive journey as we explore the captivating sights, sounds, and sensations that make this college campus a haven of serenity and inspiration.

Body Paragraph 1: The Architectural Splendor

Walking along the main pathway, I am greeted by a captivating blend of modern and traditional architectural marvels. Towering structures, with sleek glass facades, stand tall beside quaint red-brick buildings that bear witness to the college’s rich history. The symphony of styles creates a harmonious atmosphere, where past and present seamlessly coexist. As I trace the intricate details of each building, I am filled with awe at the

craftsmanship and thought put into their design. The elegant arches, grand pillars, and ornate carvings on the facades narrate stories of generations past, inspiring a deep appreciation for the college’s heritage.

Body Paragraph 2: A Tapestry of Nature

Beyond the structures lies a verdant landscape that serves as a sanctuary for both mind and soul. Strolling through the campus gardens, I am embraced by a vibrant tapestry of colors. The delicate petals of roses blush in hues of crimson and pink, while clusters of

daffodils dance joyfully in the breeze. Majestic trees provide shade and

serenity, their branches swaying gently as if whispering ancient secrets. The manicured lawns, meticulously trimmed and inviting, invite students to sit and contemplate amidst nature’s embrace. The

symphony of birdsong and the gentle rustling of leaves complete the natural orchestra, providing a soothing soundtrack to campus life.

Body Paragraph 3: The Intellectual Nexus

As I approach the heart of the campus, the vibrant buzz of intellectual activity becomes palpable. Students, clad in spirited discussions, congregate on benches and grassy knolls, their animated gestures

mirroring the energy that pulsates through the college. The library, a

grand repository of knowledge, stands as a testament to the pursuit of intellectual growth. The hushed whispers and the soft rustling of pages create an atmosphere conducive to introspection and deep learning.

The classrooms, with their state-of-the-art technology and comfortable seating, are spaces where ideas are nurtured and dreams take shape.

Everywhere I turn, I encounter the power of knowledge and the promise of a brighter future.


As the day draws to a close, the campus metamorphoses into a serene retreat, offering solace to weary souls seeking respite from the demands of academia. The twilight hues cast a spell, painting the surroundings with a gentle glow. The beauty of the campus lies not only in its physical splendor but also in the transformative experiences it

offers. With every step, the college campus reveals its secrets,

whispering stories of wisdom, resilience, and ambition. It is a place

where minds expand, friendships form, and dreams find wings to soar. Leaving the campus, I carry with me a profound sense of gratitude for the time spent in this sanctuary of growth, vowing to return one day to relish its everlasting allure.

Descriptive Essay Example for University

Descriptive essays are assigned to students at all academic levels. University students are also assigned descriptive essay writing assignments. As they are students of higher educational levels, they are often given a bit of difficult and more descriptive topics. 

See the example below and know what a descriptive essay at the university level looks like. 


Descriptive Essay Example for University

Frustration at the Airport

had never been more anxious in my life. I had just spent the last three endless hours trying to get to the airport so that I could travel home. Now, as I watched the bus driver set my luggage on the airport sidewalk, I realized that my frustration had only just begun.

This was my first visit to the international terminal of the airport, and nothing was familiar. I could not make sense of any of the signs. Where was the check-in counter? Where should I take my luggage? I had no idea where the immigration line was. I began to panic. What time was it? Where was my plane? I had to find help because I could not be late!

I tried to ask a passing businessman for help, but my words all came out wrong. He just scowled and walked away. What had happened? I had been in this country for a whole semester, and I could not even remember how to ask for directions. This was awful! Another bus arrived at the terminal, and the passengers came out carrying all sorts of luggage. Here was my chance! I could follow them to the right place, and I would not have to say a word.

I dragged my enormous suitcase behind me and followed the group. We finally reached the elevators. Oh, no! They all fit in it, but there was not enough room for me. I watched in despair as the elevator doors closed. I had no idea what to do next. I got on the elevator when it returned and gazed at all the buttons. Which one could it be? I pressed button 3. The elevator slowly climbed up to the third floor and jerked to a stop. A high, squeaking noise announced the opening of the doors, and I looked around timidly.

Tears formed in my eyes as I saw the deserted lobby and realized that I would miss my plane. Just then an elderly airport employee shuffled around the corner. He saw that I was lost and asked if he could help. He gave me his handkerchief to dry my eyes as I related my predicament. He smiled kindly, and led me down a long hallway. We walked up some stairs, turned a corner, and, at last, there was customs! He led me past all the lines of people and pushed my luggage to the inspection counter.

When I turned to thank him for all his help, he was gone. I will never know that kind man’s name, but I will always remember his unexpected courtesy. He helped me when I needed it the most. I can only hope that one day I will be able to do the same for another traveler who is suffering through a terrible journey

Short Descriptive Essay Example

Every time a descriptive essay isn’t written in detail. It depends on the topic of how long the essay will be.  

For instance, look at one of the short descriptive essay examples given below. See how the writer has conveyed the concept in a composed way. 


Short Descriptive Essay Example Descriptive: Visit to the Dentist’s Office


I push the door open. The bell tinkles, with a soft but shrill ring. A wave of rubber gloves and disinfectant masked with cheap air freshener washes over me. Chairs are cluttered in the waiting room of the dentists. Clusters of magazines lie on the scratched wood of the coffee tables, shiny bright plastic screaming out logos and slogans. A little way forward from where I stand is a desk. A smiling receptionist sits there. She seems to have been expecting me somehow, as she indicates to the couches and chairs.


A few nervous patients are already there. They try to avert their eyes from the closed, threatening doors leading to the dental surgery rooms, where an ominous high-pitched whirring sound is coming from. Occasionally, I hear a muffled thud, or yell. One by one, the receptionist calls out the patient’s name; “Baker, John!” or, “Higgins, Samantha!”

Plastered on the walls are dramatic “Before/After” photos. They show yellow teeth, set crookedly in red raw gums becoming brilliantly white and straight. The walls are painted a stark, clinical white, however photographs of people with toothy grins beam down at me, from newspaper clippings over the years. It must be my imagination, but already I can taste the slightly stale, bubblegum flavored gloves, the cool hard metal of the examining probe, and the chink clink it makes when it sometimes collides with my teeth. I can feel the vinyl of the reclining chairs, which are covered in plastic, and also which clammy legs have a habit to stick to. In my mind I see the perfect teeth of my dentist, an ideal advertisement for his clinic.


A sudden tapping of high‐ heeled shoes from the corridor awakens me from my day dreaming. I look up. My pulse quickens, and my hands sweat. I swallow the lump in my throat that has accumulated somehow. Blood is pounding through my head, but even that cannot block out the dreaded words that I hear next; “Barron, Cissie, Doctor Lush will see you now.”

Objective Descriptive Essay Example

When writing an objective description essay, you focus on describing the object without conveying your emotions, feelings, or personal reactions. The writer uses sight, sound, or touch for readers’ minds to bring life into pictures that were painted by words.

Here is an example that you can use for your help.


Title: The Majestic Waterfall Introduction:

Standing at the edge of the cliff, I am greeted by a breathtaking sight that captures the essence of nature’s power and beauty. Before me lies a majestic waterfall, cascading with unwavering force, creating an awe- inspiring spectacle. In this objective descriptive essay, we will delve into the intricate details of the waterfall, painting a vivid picture of its

grandeur and immensity.

Body Paragraph 1: Size and Scale

The waterfall stretches before me like a colossal tapestry of water and mist. Its sheer size is overwhelming, as it descends from towering

heights, seemingly reaching towards the heavens. The rushing water plunges into a pool below, sending sprays of mist into the air, creating

an ethereal atmosphere. The immensity of the waterfall is a testament to the immense power of nature, leaving me humbled by its magnitude.

Body Paragraph 2: Movement and Sound

As the water crashes down, it creates a symphony of sound that resonates throughout the surroundings. The roar of the waterfall

reverberates in my ears, drowning out all other noises and demanding my undivided attention. The continuous rush of water creates a

rhythmic melody, soothing and invigorating all at once. The sound, both thunderous and harmonious, adds to the sensory experience,

heightening the impact of this natural wonder. Body Paragraph 3: Visual Delights

Observing the waterfall, I am captivated by the myriad of visual delights it presents. The water plunges in a torrent of white, sparkling and

glistening as sunlight filters through the cascading droplets. The spray

creates a misty veil that dances in the air, catching the light and creating rainbows that arch above the waterfall’s base. Surrounding the falls, lush green foliage adds contrast and depth to the scene, enhancing the waterfall’s natural beauty.

Body Paragraph 4: Natural Forces in Harmony

The waterfall embodies the harmonious balance of natural forces at play. The ceaseless flow of water demonstrates the unrelenting

persistence of nature, shaping and sculpting the rocks over countless years. The rugged cliffs, hugging the waterfall, bear the marks of

erosion, a testament to the dynamic interaction between water and stone. The delicate equilibrium maintained by the interplay of these forces instills a sense of awe and appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.


As I reluctantly tear myself away from the captivating sight, I am left

with a profound sense of wonder and reverence. The waterfall stands as a testament to the power and beauty of nature, captivating all who

encounter its majestic presence. It serves as a reminder of the intricate and awe-inspiring wonders that exist in the world around us, offering a glimpse into the majesty and grandeur that nature has to offer.

Narrative and Descriptive Essay Example

A narrative descriptive essay can be a great way to share your experiences with others. It is a story that teaches a lesson you have learned. The following is an example of a perfect narrative descriptive essay to help you get started.


Narrative and Descriptive Essay Example

Title: A Night to Remember: The Carnival Adventure


In the realm of fond childhood memories, there exists one night that stands out as a cherished tale of wonder and excitement. It was a warm summer evening when my family and I ventured to the annual carnival, a kaleidoscope of lights, laughter, and thrilling rides. This narrative and descriptive essay recounts the enchanting experiences that unfolded that night, weaving together the elements of storytelling and vivid

description to transport readers into the magical world of the carnival. Body Paragraph 1: The Gateway to Dreams

As we approached the carnival grounds, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. Brightly colored banners fluttered in the breeze,

announcing the delights that awaited us. The aroma of sugary delights permeated the air, mingling with the laughter of children and the

excited chatter of families. The entrance gate, adorned with whimsical decorations and strings of twinkling lights, beckoned us into a realm where reality seamlessly intertwined with fantasy.

Body Paragraph 2: A Carousel of Whimsy

We made our way to the heart of the carnival, where the grand carousel stood as the centerpiece. Its ornate horses, meticulously painted in vibrant hues, beckoned us to embark on a whimsical ride through time. The music, a merry melody that swirled in the air, added to the enchantment. As the carousel spun, I couldn’t help but smile as the

world blurred into a kaleidoscope of colors, feeling a surge of childlike joy fill my heart.

Body Paragraph 3: The Ferris Wheel of Heights and Thrills


Next, we braved the towering heights of the Ferris wheel. The anticipation built as we ascended, gradually revealing a breathtaking panoramic view of the carnival below. From the top, we were bestowed with a mesmerizing vista of shimmering lights and bustling crowds, stretching into the distance. The gentle sway of the carriage and the

cool night breeze against my face heightened the sense of adventure and exhilaration, creating a memory that would forever be etched in my mind.

Body Paragraph 4: The Bazaar of Wonders

In the heart of the carnival, we wandered through a vibrant bazaar of games and stalls. Darting lights illuminated the rows of prizes, tempting us with their allure. The excited shouts and cheers of winners mingled with the energetic music that emanated from the rides. Strolling

through the lively crowds, we immersed ourselves in the sensory feast, indulging in delectable treats and marveling at the craftsmanship of the artisans showcasing their wares.


As the night drew to a close, the carnival transformed into a

dreamscape that lingered in my memory. The laughter, the lights, and the exhilarating rides had woven a tapestry of enchantment that would forever be etched in my heart. The carnival, with its kaleidoscope of experiences, provided a fleeting escape from reality, immersing us in a

world where joy and wonder reigned supreme. And as I reminisce about that magical night, I am reminded of the power of shared experiences, the simple pleasures of life, and the beauty that can be found in the most extraordinary of moments.

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How to Start a Descriptive Essay? – Example

If you don’t know how to start your descriptive essay, check this example and create a perfect one.


How to Start a Descriptive Essay – Example

Title: How to Start a Descriptive Essay: Capturing the Essence of a Place


Writing a descriptive essay allows you to transport readers to a specific place through vivid descriptions. To begin, follow these steps to engage your readers from the very first sentence. Let’s explore how to start a descriptive essay using an example of capturing the essence of a place.

Choose a Compelling Location:

Select a place that holds personal significance or offers unique sensory experiences. Consider places like bustling markets, serene beaches, or historic landmarks.

Brainstorm Descriptive Words:

Create a list of words and phrases that encapsulate the essence of the

chosen location. Think about sensory details such as sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Example: Imagine you want to describe a bustling city market. Engage the Senses:

Start your essay by painting a vivid picture that appeals to the reader’s senses. Begin with a powerful opening sentence that immediately

immerses them into the atmosphere of the place.

Example: “As I stepped into the vibrant city market, a symphony of colors, sounds, and aromas enveloped me, igniting my senses and awakening a sense of exhilaration.”

Use Vivid Descriptive Language:


Utilize descriptive language to capture the scene’s visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile elements. Show, rather than tell, by using similes, metaphors, and vivid adjectives.

Example: “Stalls lined the narrow alleyways, overflowing with a

kaleidoscope of fruits and vegetables, their vibrant hues competing for attention. The air was filled with the melody of vendors’ calls, blending with the rhythmic clatter of pots and pans. A medley of fragrances wafted through the air, from the earthiness of spices to the sweet allure of freshly baked goods.”

Create a Smooth Transition:

Conclude your introductory paragraph by providing a smooth transition into the body of your essay. Briefly mention the key elements you will explore in the subsequent paragraphs, setting the stage for the descriptive journey ahead.

Example: “In the following paragraphs, I will delve into the bustling energy of the market, the vibrant characters that inhabit it, and the kaleidoscope of flavors that tantalize the taste buds.”

Subjective Descriptive Essay Example

It is a common concept that a descriptive essay revolves around one subject. Be it a place, person, event, or any other object you can think of. 

Following is one of the subjective descriptive, easy examples. Use it as a guide to writing an effective descriptive essay yourself. 



The sea has always been part of my life, as I was born in a small coastal town. I am of those lucky people who can see it every day and enjoy its incredible beauty and power. My parents brought me to the beach when I was a small child, and I was immediately impressed by its limitless horizon, color, and waves. My best childhood memories are connected with the sea, which is not surprising given the fact that I spent all my free time there. Therefore, the beach is a special place for me, a place where I can be alone with nature and a place where I can spend time with my friends. In some way, it is one of my best friends, the one that calms me down when I am sad or stressed and the one that inspires me with its immaculate beauty.

The beach that is located in my town has changed much since my childhood. When I was small, it had nothing except for the sand and pebbles, as well as the long pier that divided it into two parts, which were simply called “left” and “right.” Although these parts were the same beach, they have always looked different to me. The left side is shorter, but it has a much better view on the coast, which ends with the tall red cliff that is usually seen when the air is clear. The right side is longer and less curvy, and it has more pebbles that the left one. It is also surrounded by the water, as it is washed by the sea on the one side and by the lake on the other. When I was young, the sea and the lake were sometimes joined by a small strait that usually dried up in summer. My father used to go fishing on the lake, as it was a peaceful place where one could relax and simply enjoy the nature.

However, the sea has always attracted many people, especially in summer. Local residents have begun building cafes and shops near the pier to attract tourists, and the road that led to the beach was eventually overbuilt with lodges, hotels, and shops. Someone even built a café on the pier itself, making it a noisy place with loud music and drunk tourists. The beach itself, however, has remained intact for quite a long time. Authorities have constructed changing facilities and WCs there, but they did not change the view much. In some way, the beach was still a nice place to spend time, especially if one took some pains to walk away from the pier and all the noise.

During the past years, however, the local authorities have developed a plan of reconstructing the place to make it more convenient and attractive for tourists. As a result, several cafes were built right on the left part of the beach. On the right side, the long beach promenade was built, which required cutting down some old trees that grew there. On both sides of the paved road, many small shops and cafes were built, blocking the view of the sea. What is worse, there are now many beach chairs, umbrellas, and other stuff designed to make the experience more convenient for tourists. The left side of the beach that has always attracted me with its wilderness and space has become flooded with tourists, who do not even realize how wonderful it is to lay on the hot sand and simply listen to the sound of the waves and seagulls.

I miss those days when I could come to the beach to connect with nature. I used to walk along the coast looking for some beautiful shells brought by the waves. I could feel the space and


freedom that cannot be found in the town, and they have been the source of continuous inspiration for me. It is sad to think that people prefer comfortability to the wilderness, noise to calm and peace of the sea, and “civilization” to pristine nature. I will always cherish the memory of the beach I used to like – the perfect place where I could be free.

Writing a descriptive essay is a time-consuming yet tricky task. It needs some very strong writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Also, this is a type of essay that a student can not avoid and bypass. 

But if you think wisely, work smart, and stay calm, you can get over it easily. Learn how to write a descriptive essay from a short guide given below. 

How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

A writer writes a descriptive essay from their knowledge and imaginative mind. In this essay, the writer describes what he has seen or experienced, or ever heard from someone. For a descriptive essay, it is important to stay focused on one point. Also, the writer should use figurative language so that the reader can imagine the situation in mind. 

The following are some very basic yet important steps that can help you write an amazing descriptive essay easily. 

  • Choose a Topic

For a descriptive essay, you must choose a vast topic to allow you to express yourself freely. Also, make sure that the topic you choose is not overdone. An overdone will not grab the attention of your intended audience. Check out our descriptive essay topics blog for a variety of intriguing topic suggestions.

  • Create a Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the essence of any academic writing. When you select the descriptive essay topic, then you create a strong thesis statement for your essay.  

thesis statement is a sentence or two that explains the whole idea of your essay to the reader. It is stated in the introductory paragraph of the essay. The word choice for creating the thesis statement must be very expressive, composed, and meaningful. Also, use vivid language for the thesis statement.

  • Collect the Necessary Information

Once you have created the thesis statement and are done writing your essay introduction. Now, it’s time to move toward the body paragraphs. 

Collect all necessary information related to your topic. You would be adding this information to your essay to support your thesis statement. Make sure that you collect information from authentic sources. 

To enhance your essay, make use of some adjectives and adverbs. To make your descriptive essay more vivid, try to incorporate sensory details like touch, taste, sight, and smell.

  • Create a Descriptive Essay Outline

An outline is yet another necessary element of your college essay. By reading the descriptive essay outline, the reader feels a sense of logic and a guide for the essay.

In the outline, you need to write an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and end up with a formal conclusion.

  • Proofread

Proofreading is a simple procedure in which the writer revises the written essay. This is done in order to rectify the document for any kind of spelling or grammatical mistakes. Thus, proofreading makes high-quality content and gives a professional touch to it. 

You might be uncertain about writing a good enough descriptive essay and impress your teacher. However, it is very common, so you do not need to stress out. 

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